Building Scalable AI Infrastructure Solutions

Impact Analytics is empowering enterprises with cost-effective, secure solutions and advanced AI integrations.

Our Solution to Major Challenges

Transforming Enterprise AI Adoption

Impact Analytics addresses the key challenges enterprises face in adopting AI, making advanced technology accessible and affordable.

Reducing Operating Costs

Transparent pricing, dedicated hardware, reducing costs by 40-60%.

Enabling Data Control

Secure, scalable solutions providing complete control over your data.

Lowering Adoption Barriers

Customizable AI integration tailored for various industries, including finance with Smart Lending and Smart Credit modules.

The Axial Business Model

Central Hub for Tailored AI Solutions

From plug-and-play solutions for tech novices to advanced cloud offerings for tech-savvy businesses, our services are customizable to meet any technological maturity level.


Our Launchpad Sector featuring two flagship modules — Smart Lending and Smart Credit — tailored for financial service innovation.

AI Layer

This layer gives us the ability to apply modern best-in-class AI models and APIs across all of our applications and modules.

Tailored Modules for Wide Adoption

Delivering versatile applications and APIs for easy integration across diverse industries.

Impact SDV

At the core, offering pass-through revenue capabilities and robust support services for all modules, ensuring seamless integration and operational excellence.

Why Choose Impact?

Innovation, Savings, and Industry Reach

Impact Analytics delivers innovative cloud solutions, significant cost savings, and cross-industry applications, driving efficiency and growth.

Innovative Cloud Platform

Full-stack solution integrated with top AI models, ready for seamless business adoption.

Customer Savings

Up to 60% cost savings through dedicated hardware and true billing transparency.

Cross-Industry Reach

Solutions engineered for finance, cybersecurity, healthcare, education, and more.

Strategic Partnerships

Enhancing Capabilities Through Collaboration

Our strategic partnerships with industry leaders enhance our infrastructure capabilities and expand our service offerings.

Hurricane Electric Internet Services
  • Operates the world’s largest IPv6 network with over 310 exchange points and direct connections to 10,775 networks.
  • Provides more than 30 Terabits per second of public peering and 200+ Terabits of private peering capacity.
  • Pioneers in IPv6 services, facilitating advanced internet solutions.
  • Recognized as ‘The VMware Cloud Alternative’ offering comprehensive and economical cloud services.
  • Virtuozzo is available across more than 600 Service Providers, indicating a broad and versatile deployment of its technology.
  • Offers a range of services including IaaS, PaaS, and Kubernetes as a Service, highlighting its capability as a full-stack provider.