Pulse Pilot Program

Introducing the Pulse Pilot Program, designed to empower businesses with cutting-edge analytics. Our program offers a unique opportunity to collaborate on innovative solutions, enhancing your data-driven decision-making capabilities.

The Pulse Pilot Program Model

Our goal is to create a sustainable and rewardable partnership. We understand that developing and implementing products can be time sensitive and costly. Through the Pulse pilot program, you receive access, subject to the terms of the preliminary partnership agreement, to our proprietary product offerings, delivering immediate and unparalleled benefits.


We protect your privacy and provide transparent goal posts to ensure that your data and information is only being used as agreed to between us.


We strive to ensure the implementation, deployment and maintenance of partnership products are streamlined and efficient.


Enjoy access to our robust product suites, with diverse models, tailored to your unique solutions, designed to scale with your specific needs.


Benefit from the use of our secure data center colocation and hosting infrastructure located within Hurricane Electric’s network, to act as a sandbox and test environment for potential product deployments.

Core Features of the Pulse Pilot Program

Through the Pulse pilot program with Impact Analytics, partners gain access to a range of products and expertise, starting with a collaborative session to identify use cases. A detailed plan is then crafted to develop and implement solutions tailored to unique needs. This flexible approach allows for the customization of existing products to suit various business challenges, enhancing decision-making and efficiency across sectors.

Making traditional underwriting systems more efficient and accurate, with less human error and involvement.

Gaining novel insights to track, analyze and make informed decisions.

Receiving data in multiple formats or from multiple sources, to process, understand and adapt.

Using deep learning and Impact’s proprietary models to understand individuals in the broader context.

Securing and transferring data using market leading encryption.

Access and Integrate with Our Leading-Edge Solutions

Explore our suite of analytics tools, including Lana for financial optimization, Credissential for advanced credit analysis, and the opportunity for bespoke product development.


Elevate your credit analysis with our AI-driven tool, offering deeper insights and improved risk assessment for informed decision-making.


Streamline your financial operations with our advanced analytics tool, designed for a clean user experience and to enhance financial management.

Custom Development

Our partnerships can extend to custom product development, tailoring cutting-edge solutions to meet your unique business challenges and objectives.

Typical Pulse Pilot Partnership Timeline

Engagement Stage

Entry into partnership agreement.

Idea Stage

Collaborative idea refinement and adaptation.

Market Research

Leveraging industry experts for market fit analysis.


Development of a flexible plan based on agreed pillars.

Product Development

Joint product development process.


Strategy for soft launch, MVP rollout, or other implementations.


Bringing the idea to fruition in the market.

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Disclaimer: The roadmaps on this page are for information purposes only and may change. It's not a commitment or guarantee of future product features or development. The products developed or proposed to be developed under the Pulse Pilot Program are expected to be new products and software, but may, in the determination of the parties, be adaptions of current projects and software under development by Impact Analytics Inc. Impact Analytics Inc. takes no liability for information provided by a potential partner and agrees to comply with all applicable privacy laws when handling any information captured by such laws.